The Wildcraft Drones

(This short work of speculative fiction was originally published in the Environment issue of Coreopsis: Journal of Myth & Theater, March 2015.) Forests are the most productive ecosystems on land. They create their own fertilizer, keep streams healthy, draw rain inland instead of using up reservoirs, handle pests by providing habitat for predators, and move carbon … Continue reading The Wildcraft Drones

UX For Aliens

How do you design something for someone you know nothing about? I mean, really nothing about? I first asked this question in 2009, after attending a Science Cafe talk by Seth Shostak of SETI. SETI is the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence – they’re looking for unusual signals that might come from an intelligent civilization somewhere out in space. Professionally, … Continue reading UX For Aliens

The Futurist Naturalist Manifesto

The futurist naturalist: Is an optimist Sees complexity–does not fear it Sees the parts and the whole Loves nature but knows it is imperfect and brutal He knows that he is nature As is cancer Death Space Robots The past The future She believes in a spectacularly purposeless universe The futurist naturalist is dismayed by apocalypse but dissatisfied with technological … Continue reading The Futurist Naturalist Manifesto